OK applications


Odnoklassniki is the oldest of the largest social networks on the Russian internet. Although the number of its subscribers is gradually declining, it can still attract hundreds and even thousands of visitors and potential clients. You should take into account that the target audience on Odnoklassniki is much older than VKontakte subscribers. As such, working on this platform is recommended for website owners whose main audience mainly consists of women who are 30 and older.

Promotion using Odnoklassniki:

  • Website or online store integration with Odnoklassniki’s API;
  • Customization of the “Like!” button
  • Creation and maintenance of a specialized group;
  • Automated posting of materials from the site to the group.

We would like to note that posting on Odnoklassniki hardly affects your website’s indexing by search engines as the links posted on your page are closed to the outside world.

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