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We pay special attention to SMM promotion of the websites and online stores we develop. According to most analysts, social networks will soon become the key driver of e-commerce. This trend will be aided by the fact that social networks are developing various custom applications and services that facilitate work with potential clients inside the network. It should be noted that a mobile version of the website or online store must be created to work on social networks. According to statistics, no less than 60 % of internet subscribers in the USA and Europe surf the web using mobile devices. While the percentage of users is lower in Russia and Ukraine, the pattern is similar in the region.

While creating your site or online store and the concomitant mobile version, our experts can tailor your website for future integration with the four biggest social networks on the Russian internet:

  • Facebook;
  • VKontakte;
  • Odnoklassniki;
  • Moy Mir (‘My World’, which, like Odnoklassniki, is a part of

We can arrange interaction with any other social network, such as Twitter or Google+, if our client thinks that this will help attract additional a bigger audience, increase sales, or speed up indexation of the website or online store. Fast API integration with these social networks will be arranged at the client’s request.

Complex integration with social networks is cost-effective and brings better results!

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