1. How much does it cost to build a website?

Try to find out from construction experts how much a new house costs. You will immediately be puzzled with a lot of additional questions, what total area of the house you wish to have, what material walls shall be made of, how many floors you would have in the house, and how soon you wish to see this house. Costs of a house and a website consist of a lot of components. You have to realize what tasks your website is to solve, what it would look like from a PC screen and a display of a cell phone, and what its content is to be. Final cost of the website built is determined only after approval of all requirements and creation of a statement of work (SoW).

2. How to publish ready website to the web?

There are three ways of publishing websites. It can be located on a server of your service provider (Internet service provider), on your own server, or rent space on a server of an independent web hosting provider. The majority of website owners use web hosting service.

3. How to update the website content?

There is CMS (Content Management System), a text editor of all pages of your website for updating and editing the content on your own. It runs in two modes, a text mode (like MS Word) and in HTML-code. Even without deep knowledge of the latter you will easily learn to insert and modify a text, pictures, videos, use tags, etc.

4. What is more profitable, to update the content on your own or to charge it to us?

Financially it is easier to pay once for CMS and then do everything on your own. But the majority of our customers are busy people who do not always have a possibility to manage their websites regularly. We are always ready to come to your help. Our help includes not only a timely update of materials and publication of new articles. We undertake work on the website search optimization and give advice on capture of a greater number of readers. In greater detail these issues are illustrated in the "Internet marketing" section.

5. Our company is located in another town (another country). How will the cooperation be organized if we order building a website in your company?

The "ARBITAS" company has great experience of distance work, including with customers from Europe and America. We will fulfil your order with pleasure. We can communicate by telephone, email, or via Skype and Facetime messengers. All text and graphic documents are sent by email, and the documents having legal effect in hard copies using courier services. Payment of services is accepted using bank transfer.

6. Should I necessarily create a detailed SoW and how to do it?

The statement of work indicates in detail what you want to see on your website and what you wait from it. The SoW includes requirements for the website structure, its homepage and sections, user navigation, functions, services, visual design, etc.

If you have difficulties with writing the SoW, do not be upset. We are ready to do it together with you. Development of the website starts only after you approve the SoW. It becomes the instruction for our designers and programmers which they have no right to break.

7. What format is optimal for sending pictures that will be placed on the website?

If we talk about photographs and images, then it is better to use JPG and TIFF formats. If you want to send a logo, then it is better to make a layout in CDR or PSD.

8. What to do if your work did not satisfy me?

First of all, for the entire thirteen-year period of our work in building websites there has never been such a thing. We hope there will be no such thing in the future as well. That is why we ask to speak out all your wishes on functionality, structure, and design of a future website, its services, and applications in the SoW. During work we keep the firmest contact with you and we are always glad to get remarks and interim evaluations. Due to it we can correct possible shortcomings with a minimum loss of time. Due to such approach we are sure that an end result will definitely justify your expectations.

9. Does it make sense to order an adaptive layout of the website?

An adaptive design of the website supposes that the picture looks good equally in the display of a smartphone, an ordinary computer screen, a large plasma panel, and a video projector screen. The service is additional and not the cheapest. Reasonability of its order depends on objectives of your website. In greater detail read about it here.

10. Why are prices of services in the "Arbitas" company higher than those of other contractors?

The price directly depends on quality of services; it is manifest truth. We provide services of high quality; feedback of our customers represent it. Of course, there are designer studios offering low prices. But nobody guarantees you will get the result there which will satisfy you and captious search engines, above all.

A competent dedicated expert is responsible for each stage of the website development in our studio. This is not a case when “Jack of all trades” deals with building resource, that is one freelancer who "acquired some education, a bit of this a bit o that”.

Labor of top-ranked specialists costs a sum. But the result of their work is entirely different. After finish grinding and debugging you will receive a unique operable website created for people and liked by web crawlers.

11. What does a business card website differ from a website on CMS (content management system) by?

These are websites of two different orders of complexity and quality. The business card website is a simple static (dynamic, more rarely) page with limited functions. It contains basic information about products, services, persons, or events, links to other resources, photos, and video materials. The business card website does not involve self-development and it has a few prospects in terms of promotion in search engines.

The website powered by CMS can have the unlimited number of posts, sections, and pages. With correct stuffing and indexing of the website they all are taken into consideration by search engines. And, above all, a non-professional also can update content using CMS.

12. How fast is it possible to build a website in your studio?

You can find out types of internet resources that are created and terms of order execution on the homepage of our website. The final terms are fixed in a contract which is concluded between our company and a customer.

13. What types of work does the service of the website promotion provide?

The website promotion or optimization provides broad range of works. They are composed of internal and external ones like in construction.

The main emphasis is placed on works within the website. Structure, text and graphics contents, headers, and meta tags are optimized; usability is improved; in other words, the website becomes more convenient for a user. Then attention is given to external factors: A natural link mass is built up; the website is registered in catalogs and search engines.

14. Why don't you give a guarantee of promotion on some search queries?

All the search queries are composed of low frequency and high frequency ones. The latter ones are, as a rule, are already shared among rival firms which invested great money in promotion of the key phrases. Therefore the attempt of the novice website to regain these positions is obviously foredoomed to failure. It is not even resources, it's time. It takes several months and even as much as years to get on a top list of search engines based on a HF query.

15. Why don't you recommend to promote a large quantity of the key phrases?

The novice website shall not try to get on a top list immediately based on 50 key queries. Five are quite sufficient. First, one should focus on promotion of low frequency requests, gradually expanding a semantic kernel (SK).

16. How fast do the results of promotion start to appear?

With correct approach the first positive changes can be noticed approximately in a month.

17. Can the website powered by CMS be rebuilt in some time into an online shop?

It is possible, although it will require quite serious work of programmers. Therefore, if you need an online shop, it is better to build it exactly. You will pay more than for a website powered by CMS but less than for a website and its further upgrade. And you will be able to sell products and services from the first day of the website operation.

18. Two versions of the design layout may be built under your terms. Supposing that we do not like any of them. Will the third option be offered for free?

If both versions do not satisfy you, we can either change one of them for free, or build the third version. It will be done for money, but at a discount.

19. What real period of time does it take to build a website?

As a rule, we meet the terms of the contract concluded. If the terms postpone, then it is due to a long agreement of layouts, and delays in stage-by-stage payment from the customer. Standard terms of work performance are determined by qualification of our experts and long-term experience.

20. Are the discounts provided when ordering website development?

The prices of our company are quite reasonable and сonform to the quality of services. However from time to time we have various promotion events, information about which is in open access.

21. What is the cause of the website dropout from an index of search engines?

No matter how paradoxical it is, statistically the most widespread cause is non-paying the hosting services. Sometimes conflict situations originate between nominal and real website owners. In addition, the website can drop out the index when changing an algorithm of a search engine operation or as a result of sanctions imposed for violations.

22. Is the inquiry form of the website design necessary to fill out?

The procedure is obligatory. Each businessman remembers: The pen is mightier than the sword... It's one thing to speak out your wishes in words; to leave the written guidelines which afterwards can't be abandoned is a different story. The inquiry form is a kind of agreement between a designer and you that has no double interpretation.

23. How to amend the contract?

The form of our contract is an issue of the thirteen-year experience in the field of IT services rendered. We treat legal support of our activity quite scrupulously. However, if in your case the occasion formaking a protocol of disagreements is found, we are ready to discuss it.

24. Why does it take several months to get on high positions in Google?

The Internet is an extremely competitive medium, in addition, in all areas without an exception. Whatever you do, there will always be people who are occupied with similar business and have already booked an area in the web. To catch up and overtake them in popularity, the young website needs time.

25. Can one develop an online shop powered by CMS WordPress?

Yes, one can.

26. Why can't you bring the working copy of a ready website on USB flash drive or on a disk?

Theoretically it can be done, but anyway you have to locate it on your server or on a third-party hosting service to check the website running.

27. Is it convenient to operate the WordPress content management system? According to the feedback of colleagues everything is very easy. What should we do if we entangle or do not understand anything?

WordPress CMS maximally suits an non-professional user by its availability and versatility. However you should have certain knowledge and skills to run it. When ordering a website powered by WP our experts give you a one-time free lesson; it is included in the cost of a service.

28. Under the contract 5 working days are provided to build the website layout. We transferred the money on Monday. When will we see a ready layout?

One needs to distinguish the date of money transferred and te date of the amount entered our settlement account. However modern bank technologies allow to receive money to the day in most cases. If we see the amount on Monday, and the week has no holidays, then you will see a ready layout on the first working day of the next week.

29. We have agreed your placement of the website on a third-party hosting service. Are you responsible for its work?

Your company concludes the contract with a service provide, and in most cases we cannot be directly responsible for interruptions in the hosting service running. However, if we do user maintenance of your website, we will do everything possible to remedy a situation. Website relocation onto another hosting service can be an extreme measure.

30. How is your pricing policy defined, in particular, in the field of web design?

If to analyse prices in average in Russia, then cost of our works fade into the overall backdrop. We do not dump and we do not offer high prices. We only guarantee that each design is developed strictly for a certain project without allusion to use of templates.

31. Why should one focus on low frequency search queries at the promotion start?

The LF quieries orientation is standard for promotion of any new resource. First, web crawlers "catch" them with much higher probability. Second, only people create the LF queries while HF phrases are often generated by spammer robots. After the website gains weight, its SK can be expanded with adding into it high frequency thematic phrases.

32. Why should the website be included into Yandex Catalog?

Finding the website in Yandex Catalog gives a range of undeniable advantages. The website TCI (thematic citation index) increases; it can be geographically targeted, that is promoted in certain regions; the website becomes “native” for Yandex, that will increase traffic and trust of users and a search engine.

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