Facebook applications


Facebook is the most influential social network in the world. It has over a billion subscribers. In Russia and Ukraine, the number of Facebook subscribers is lower than those of VKontakte, however, the education and social status of average Facebook users is much higher. Pavel Durov’s VKontakte was copied, in large part, from Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook.

The importance of being on Facebook for your site or business development cannot be overstated. Especially for such businesses as real estate sales, financial services, creditors, hi-tech services, selling electronic devices, etc.

If you want to create a corporate website or an online store, we highly recommend that you subscribe to the world’s largest social network, especially if foreign clients might be interested in your services. Facebook has integrated an automated machine translation engine that makes your company page available to users from other countries.

What we can do to integrate your website or online store with Facebook:

  • customize your site’s interaction with Facebook’s API;
  • install a “Share” button;
  • create a specialized group on Facebook;
  • customize automated reposting from your site to the Facebook group;
  • give recommendations on how to promote your business on the social network after an analysis of your target audience and current subscribers.

We are convinced that presence in Facebook will attract new paying customers to your business and will increase your website’s numbers.

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