How we helped NAY to start working 24/7


How we helped NAY to start working 24/7

December 05, 2018 - 10:29
Igor Sprinchan

Our software has already been working for more than two weeks in NAY Elektrodom in Bratislava. Without breaks and also all the weekends and holidays.

Currently, the NAY a.s. company has 36 NAY stores in Slovakia and 18 Electro World outlets in the Czech Republic. And in the first of Slovakian NAY stores at November 8 the launch of pilot parcel lockers kiosk was announced - .

Today you can receive your parcel from NAY 24/7. Just make an order in an online shop and choose the "Balíkomat" shipping method — that'll be enough.

We're happy with this partnership and we invite you to test our software and to enjoy the service of our partners on Tuhovská 15, in Bratislava.

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