Payment kiosk



A payment kiosk was created to provide to your customers the ability to make payments anywhere, at any time.

What is it

The payment kiosk is:

  • the most hard-worker member of your team (24/7),
  • a secure self-service transaction workflow,
  • an absence of the need for expensive staff (for payment process),
  • ensure of a positive customer experience.

For whom the payment kiosk solution was developed

The kiosk for payment will be optimal for you if you are:

  • A telecommunications company,
  • An energy provider,
  • A government spokesman,
  • A bank or financial organisation,
  • Provide some services.

All your bills, taxes, fees, traffic fines and many other payments can be paid by your customers faster and more easily.

What are the advantages of the payment kiosks in your business

Self-service kiosks allow to your company:

  • decrease of your staffing costs and total overheads,
  • employees concentration on other customer needs, enabling them to improve service,
  • gain access to secure units in which to collect cash and cheques, 
  • reinforce your company image as high-tech operator.

 Payment kiosks allow your companie to offer any type of payment method your customers require.



  • Software for the payment kiosk
  • Body
  • Cash acceptor
  • Touch Screen Panel
  • Second monitor (advertising)
  • PC
  • Passport Scanner
  • Coin acceptor
  • Coin dispenser
  • Laser printer
  • UPS
  • Thermal printer
  • 3G Modem
  • Sensors
  • Front camera

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