# Incorrect promotion


Incorrect promotion of sites is an attempt to «trick» a search system with the purpose of receiving higher traffic.

The ways of incorrect promotion can be conditionally divided into the following groups:

  • The manipulations with code of a page, for example, «stuffing» with keywords, use of an invisible text;
  • Creation of spam pages and redirection of a traffic, so-called doorway pages;
  • Cloaking, deception of a robot. Technically it is accomplished as follows. The special program defines who is «checking» a site. If this is an ordinary visitor, a normal page is given to him and, if this is a search system robot, it gets another page invisible to a user, but being optimized for search engines;
  • Reference spam which is also called nepot-spam. As a rule, this is specific placement of the links which are intended not for a visitor of a site, but for improvement of ranking in a search system.

The search systems do not welcome such methods and constantly refine algorithms for the purpose of excluding such promotion.

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